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Master the digital skills you need to suceed; learn how to create your own graphics, logos, and webpages with our comprehensive step-by-step Affinity™ Designer tutorials.

Discover Affinity Designer's Interface, The Secret to Stress Free Graphics

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Don't know where to look? Learn your way around Affinity Designer and start creating happy graphics! Read More…

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TOP 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Can Use TODAY in Affinity™ Designer

Simplify, and Accelerate your Projects - Learn the TOP 10 KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS, and master the basics in Affinity Designer. Read More…

Master Gradients in Affinity™ Designer Using the Fill Tool

Click, Drag, Darn-it, Click, Drag, No-ooo, that's not what I want. STOP the frustration - follow along with me and learn the basics of applying gradients in Affinity Designer. Read More…

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